Street Performance [Solo]

Compact and simple one-box type portable PA system suitable for solo performance on the street or public areas.

- One box type portable PA system comprised simple mixer, high-quality drivers and battery.

- Extremely portable and easy to set up, allowing users to quickly and efficiently deliver high-quality sound in just about any environment.

- Bluetooth® input for wireless audio streaming from smartphones or tablets.

Category Model Name Qty
Mixing Console (STAGEPAS 100BTR) (1)
Power Amplifier - -
Main Front Speaker STAGEPAS 100BTR 1
Subwoofer - -
Monitor Speaker - -



Coaxial compression drivers

Coaxial compression drivers

Powerful, high-quality coaxial compression drivers combine with Yamaha’s FIR-X filters for the HF and LF crossover to deliver sound pressure, precise phase response, and a natural dispersion that will ensure every nuance of your performance is conveyed loud and clear to your audience.

Bluetooth® connectivity

Bluetooth® connectivity

The STAGEPAS 100 comes equipped with multipoint supported Bluetooth® functionality adding even more convenience to your set up and operation with wireless connection for music/ audio playback using smartphones and tablets.

Lithium-ion battery powered

Lithium-ion battery powered

The STAGEPAS 100BTR is compatible with large-capacity lithiumion batteries capable of up to 6 hours of continuous operation, delivering reliable performance in environments where there is no power source available.


Yamaha Portable PA System STAGEPAS 100

Portable PA system with built-in lithium-ion battery

- 100 W Class-D amplifier

- 1.4” HF + 6.5” LF high-quality coaxial compression driver using an FIR filter for the crossover

- 3-channel mixer (2 monaural mic/line + 1 line)

- Equipped with a 2-band Main EQ

- Compatible with Hi-Z input (Channel 2 only)

- Equipped with mix-out

- Carrying handle doubles as an adjustable stand

- Compatible with audio accompaniment over Bluetooth

- Optional carrying bag (BAG-STP100) available for convenient transport

- Internal lithium-ion battery