Setting up the equipment

Playing in a Band

Here’s an example of a PA for a band consisting of drums, bass, two electric guitars, a keyboard, and vocals.

Small Music Group

This setup is a PA for a guitar and keyboard accompanying a vocalist.

For Meetings

Here, the PA is for amplification in a meeting, using four microphones to allow many people to express their opinions.

DJ Party

This PA is for an event where a DJ will be performing. In addition to a DJ mixer, we will also connect playback equipment such as an iPod.

PA equipment types

Microphone types

A microphones is a device that converts sound into electrical signals. There are many types of microphone available for lots of different applications.

Cable types

A variety of cables and connector types are used to transmit signals for different equipment and applications.

Mixer types

There are several different types of mixer, including analog mixers, digital mixers, and powered mixers.

Power amplifier types

There are a variety of power amplifiers, including stand-alone power amplifiers , powered speakers, and powered mixers.

Speaker types

There are many different kinds of speaker, both passive speakers and self-powered speakers.

Sound Shaping: Effects

What is reverberation?

Reverberation is an effect that brings out the depth and width of sound by adding numerous subtle echoes.

What are compressors?

Compressors are effects that narrow the dynamic range (the difference between loud and quiet sounds) by compressing sound.

What are equalizers?

Equalizers are effects that adjust tone by boosting and attenuating specific frequencies.