Chitare, Bass & Amplificatoare


Chitare, basuri și amplificatoare, născute în Japonia începând cu 1966


Spiritul nostru

Dezvăluiți și cealaltă latură

Prin tot ceea ce facem îi inspirăm pe chitariști să creeze ceva uimitor. Muzica ta nu se oprește, și de ce noi am face-o?

Știri & Articole

Producing, Playing, Leading, Writing: International Women’s Day 2020.

In celebration of International Women's Day 2020 we celebrated by shining a spotlight on some awesome women who kill it in their field. These 5 Yamaha artists from different cities around the globe each gave us an insight into their lives as musicians: their inspirations, creative process, and what drives them as artists.

Peter Hook

When it comes to iconic musicians, it’s a combination of things that make them stand out. The sound, the style, the look and the attitude all add up to complete the picture. And when it comes to iconic bassists, few fit the bill as perfectly as Peter Hook, instantly recognizable with his low-slung Yamaha BB.

Uniting a World of Differing Values Through Music and Guitar. An Interview with Yuki Kondo

WORLD FESTIVAL Inc. supports and promotes the integration of cultures through entertainment. CEO, Yuki Kondo, likens his approach to what an acoustic guitar can do; to start an impromptu jam session anywhere, by/with anybody at any given time.



Dezvoltarea chitarei Yamaha


Diferența Yamaha

Fiecare element al modului în care proiectăm și realizăm chitara este construit în jurul misiunii noastre de a face instrumente care să inspire. Chitarele noastre sunt diferite - sunt fabricate în Yamaha.