Seria VXC

A carton of the full-range VXS/VXC models will contain 2 units, a carton for the VXS10S subwoofer models will contain a single unit.

Yes. For details, please refer to the "Speaker system painting guide".

Each model features a rotary tap selector switch. For VXC models this is found underneath the grill on the baffle plate, for VXS models this is found on the rear panel.

Yes, rotation and removal of the logo are both possible.

Yes, a PolySwitch is used to protect the drivers.

From 5mm to 35mm. Please note that the attachment mechanism uses a screw type clamp to decrease the installation time.

Yes, an eyelet is provided to attach a safety wire (*safety wire is not provided).

The flammability rating, IP rating and frequency characteristics have been changed to meet EN54-24 requirements. The VA models share the same high quality audio characteristics as the standard models, allowing for dual use in both music reproduction and emergency Voice Alarm applications.

Certified to EN54:16:2008. Complies with EN60849:1998 and ISO7240-24.