Flexible Cleaner Super


1. Insert the guide plug into the pipe until the guide plug comes out the opposite end.

2. Adjust the position of brushes on the center by pulling the nylon guide from side to side, so that the brushes touch the part where you want to clean.

3. Pull each side of the nylon guide alternately so that the brushes clean the inside of the slide.

4. Hold either side of the nylon guide and slowly pull it out.

5. Wash off any dirt left on the brushes with water.


・Do not insert the Flexible Cleaner Super into the main body of the instrument. Doing so may cause the cleaner to get stuck.

・If the guide plug gets stuck,stop inserting and slowly pull it out.

Safety Precautions

・Do not twirl or wrap the cleaner around your neck. Doing so may cause an unexpected accident.

・Keep the cloth away from fire.

・Do not use around small children.