Chord Tracker

Afișarea facilă a listei de acorduri pentru cântecele favorite

Play the chords of the audio songs stored on your iOS device by simply reading the chord sequence extracted by Chord Tracker and shown on the iOS device display. You can enjoy playing the melody part with right hand and the chord with left or playing the chord with right hand and the bass with left hand. Furthermore, by using a melody suppressor function that reduces the volume of melody part, you can enjoy playing the melody part only.


1. The chords displayed by this application will match the mood of the original song very closely, but may not be an exact match for the original chords used.

2. Songs protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) can not be used in this application.

Personalizarea tempo/cheie a cântecului și editarea acordurilor

Tempo și cheia pot fi modificate dacă doriți să exersați sau să interpretați. Puteți edita acordurile pentru a efectua propriul aranjament al cântecului alegând dintre două acorduri recomandate sau selectând rădăcina acordului și tipul acordului. Utilizați butonul previzualizare pentru a asculta noul aranjament!


Wirelessly connecting your iOS device to your instrument allows you to transmit the audio playback of the song to the supported instrument so you can listen through the instrument's speakers. The Chord Tracker app will also transfer the chord information to the instrument. You can even record your performance on the iOS device as an audio file and share it with others via email (AAC or WAV format).


1. Please refer to "Related Products" in the Overview section for compatible Yamaha instruments.

2. Please refer to "iPhone/iPad Connection Manual" in the Support section for connection instructions.

3. Chord information transfer is available not only in wireless connection but also in wired connection using a cable such as Lightning-USB Camera Adapter, i-UX1 etc..