DTX8K-X | Victoria Smith (Soulwax, M.I.A, Austra)

DTX8K-M | Cherisse Osei (Simple Minds)

DTX8K-X Overview

DTX8K-M Overview

Main differences between DTX-PRO and DTX-PROX in terms of sound:

- Number of preset kits (DTX-PRO: 40, DTX-PROX: 70)

- DTX-PROX contains all 40 kits of DTX-PRO plus 30 kits.

- DTX-PROX has a higher definition cymbal sound from the weakest hit to the hardest hit, this makes it easier to add nuance to your playing and closer to the feel of playing live instruments.


The sound of the Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple series. The perfect modern drum sound.


This kit features an effect which continuously moves the pitch up without ever reaching the top.

Bop Groove

A more jazz sounding kit with open drum sounds and thinner cymbals. Perfect for more acoustic styles.


A punchy, mid-scooped drum sound with lots of attack. This is a perfect processed drum sound for metal music.

Off The Hook

A highly processed, very electronic drum kit that punches through the mix.

Black Vinyl

A typical 1990's metal drum sound with reverb – very dark!


This kit features a very highly tuned snare for contemporary funk and similar styles.

Jet Reverb

This kit features a long reverb and a phaser effect to make the drum sound feel like it is swirling around you. Great on headphones.

26" BassDrum

The classic 1970's big open rock drum sound with 26” bass drum and oversized toms.

Steel Ring

A more rock sounding drum kit. The steel snare has lots of mid range ring to help it cut through music.


Typical of the drum sound found on country music in the 1960's and 1970's.


A contemporary acoustic pop drum kit with lots of attack.


This kit has bright, high snare sound. The Presence effect on the [EFFECT] knob adds even more brightness and cut to the whole kit.

>Classic 8<

This kit features classic analog drum machine sounds.

Club Floor

This kit is more useful for hard dance music.