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Notă importantă: în ceea ce privește eroarea la conectarea unui instrument compatibil prin Bluetooth la aplicația Smart Pianist instalată pe dispozitive Android 13 [Versiunea Android Smart Pianist]

Am primit rapoarte că o eroare a fost semnalată prin care un instrument nu este recunoscut și nu poate fi utilizat atunci când instrumentul compatibil cu Smart Pianist este conectat prin Bluetooth la aplicația Smart Pianist instalată pe un dispozitiv Android 13.

From 1st September to 28th February Yamaha beginner instruments come with added value

It’s the perfect time to get into music: Going into the peak season of 2022, Yamaha launches its back-to-school campaign “Start Small Dream Big” for learners across Europe.


Cu aplicația sa revoluționară CLAVINOVA SPACE, Yamaha a forțat noi limite în privința interacțiunii, utilizând RA pentru a demonstra cum ar arăta niște piane digitale premium splendide în orice cameră sau locuință.

Disklavier Composers Contest 2021

We are thrilled to announce the third edition of the Disklavier Composers Contest, the composition competition aimed to unite Yamaha's innovative technology and the creative genius of today's composers.

Yamaha’s Make Waves Interviews: Cesare Picco composer and pianist

Cesare's story illustrates the fellowship we universally share as music fans and musicians. He illustrates that music impacts our lives and is supremely cohesive.

Yamaha Disklavier concert played simultaneously in Hamburg, Vienna and Hangzhou

On 12th December 2020, the Hamburg Conservatoire presented a very special piano concert.

Yamaha Disklavier connects continents for premium musical education

Two Disklavier grand pianos, sponsored by Yamaha, enabled College of Music Seoul National University in South Korea and the University of California, Los Angeles, to provide real-time tuition by professors from each institute, remotely using the networked pianos.

NOW AVAILABLE: Our new Clavinova CLP-795GP and CLP-785

The two premium models of our new CLP-700 series are now available at designated music stores, ready to be discovered by you.

Yamaha assists with remote entrance exams at Freiburg University of Music

Yamaha Corporation has cooperated with Freiburg University of Music (in Freiburg, Germany) to facilitate the entrance examinations conducted on June 10, using our Disklavier™ pianos with an automatic performance function. Yamaha supported these remote entrance exams by connecting pianos in Germany with Japan and China over the Internet, enabling examinees to take practical piano performance exams from remote locations.