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From 1st September to 28th February Yamaha beginner instruments come with added value

It’s the perfect time to get into music: Going into the peak season of 2022, Yamaha launches its back-to-school campaign “Start Small Dream Big” for learners across Europe.

Notă importantă Probleme cu iOS / iPad OS 15 [DTX MULTI-12 TOUCH]

A fost raportată o problemă la versiunea 15 a iOS și iPadOS, prin care aplicațiile nu pot detecta uneori un instrument muzical Yamaha după realizarea conexiunii USB.

Notă importantă Problemă de zgomot la utilizarea cu produse cu claviatură digitală [Rec'n'Share pentru Android versiunea 2.0.0]

Am confirmat o eroare pe Rec'n'Share pentru Android Versiunea 2.0.0 prin care zgomotul este generat în timpul înregistrării/redării cu următoarele 6 modele de claviaturi digitale.

Explore the Yamaha Stage Custom Hip Kit with our Yamaha artists

Yamaha Artist Kevin "Kikoué" Ki performs with the Yamaha Stage Custom Hip kit, DTX-Multi12 & EAD10 Drum Module. With the addition of flute and kora to his set up, Kevin delivers a performance that merges traditional Mandingo arrangements with pan-African influence.

Introducing the Yamaha DTX6 Series


New limited Yamaha Drums Steve Gadd Signature Snare YSS1455SG now available!

Yamaha is proud to announce the release of our new Steve Gadd Signature Snare Drum, commemorating a unique relationship of more than 40 years with renowned Artist Steve Gadd.