Yamaha Launches VXL-WR Series Weather Resistant Slim Line Array Speakers

Yamaha has launched the VXL-WR series, its first range of IP55-rated weather-resistant speakers, bringing the exceptional audio quality and highly controllable coverage of the company’s VXL series slim line array speakers to outdoor facilities like theme parks and sporting venues.

Since its release in 2018, the VXL series has been praised for its ability to deliver high quality sound and create a comfortable atmosphere in a wide variety of spaces, from conference rooms and schools to cafes, restaurants and shopping malls. The VXL-WR series has been added to the range in response to demand for a weather-resistant version which can be used outdoors.

Comprising three models - VXL1-24-WR (24 drivers), VXL1-16-WR (16 drivers) and VXL1-8-WR (eight drivers), all available in a choice of black or white finish - the VXL-WR series maintains the same slim 54mm width, for installation in locations where audio clarity is essential but space is limited.

The driver is an IP55-rated, weather-resistant version of the VXL series 3.75cm (1.5”) full-range unit. The housing is painted to prevent rusting, while a protective washer is added to the screws used to secure the unit in place.

The new stainless steel PWMB-L1-WR outdoor mounting bracket has also been announced.

Available in matching black or white, it allows for a maximum horizontal angle of up to 180° and a vertical angle of up to 4.8° for the VXL1-24-WR and 10° for the VXL1-16-WR, when mounted as a standalone unit.*

* Two mounting brackets are needed for the VXL1-24-WR and VXL1-16-WR, one for the VXL1-8-WR.

The speakers can be installed in different ways to suit a wide range of environments and applications, with optional mounting accessories for horizontal or vertical coupling and speaker angle adjustments.

With selectable vertical coverage patterns, the high performance VXL-WR series delivers remarkably clear, reliable mid and high frequencies, which make hearing speech and music outdoors easier and more comfortable.