Jacob Collier vorbește despre muzică, instrumente, și ceea ce îi stârnește creativitatea

Jacob Collier, dublu câștigător al premiului Grammy de la Londra, este un multi-instrumentalist, cântăreț, aranjor, compozitor și producător descris de Quincy Jones drept "un geniu absolut": continuând să spună despre acesta că "Nu am văzut niciodată în viața mea un astfel de talent.

Jacob is hailed as one of the most extraordinary and innovative musicians of his generation. His enthusiastic and unique style combined with an infectious and overwhelmingly creative approach unites elements from all genres of music.

At the heart of Jacob's musical world lies his room. Part of the family home, is it filled with a vast and hugely varied range of instruments spanning numerous ancient traditions to the very latest technological innovations. Indeed it is this room that spawned Jacob’s 2016 debut album “In My Room”, an entirely self-produced creative work still receiving critical acclaim to this day.

It is perhaps therefore no surprise that Yamaha’s latest Digital Workstation, Genos, has found a home in this hub of creativity. Designed to provide musicians with everything they need to stay in their creative flow, Jacob is just one of a new breed of musical pioneers who recognise the power of Genos to create, compose and perform.

In Jacob’s own words… “To have such a comprehensive library of sounds to inspire me is really thrilling. Fresh things just occur because the sounds are so beautifully recorded and so well designed.”

In this new video, we get to see a little of how Jacob redefines the musical laws of nature as we get a privileged glimpse into his raw musicality. He talks about what inspires him and how the sounds, sights and smells of his beloved London come together alongside Genos to build his unparalleled creative vision. It’s a must watch for any musician.

Jacob Collier și claviatura digitală premium Yamaha Genos

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