On 2nd October 2017, Yamaha will launch Genos, the next generation of Digital Workstation.

It offers countless possibilities to create, play, arrange, record and perform ensuring it will be hugely popular among musicians from all genres.

From November 2017, Genos will be available for purchase in music stores.

An international team of developers were responsible for its technical capabilities, its software and its design. They pooled the expertise of decades of experience, and developed an absolutely exceptional instrument of the highest standard with superior sound quality.

The device’s sophisticated properties include more than 1,700 authentic instrument sounds, 550 backing tracks, inspiring multipads and arpeggios, effect processors of excellent studio quality as well as audio and midi player.

Specifically developed by YAMAHA for the Genos keyboard is a new operating system at work behind the intuitive user interface, the live control section with context-related sub-display, the playlist with search function, the assignable buttons, and the quick-access functions in the main display.

Genos will undoubtedly enrich the works of professional musicians, producers, and DJs, giving access through one single instrument to an almost infinite musical cosmos in creative and intuitive ways.

Thanks to the ergonomically shaped user interface with integrated touchscreen and real-time control, musical ideas are implemented within a few minutes and ready to be shared with others. At the same time, the new keyboard has also been designed with the home musician in mind. Genos is made for literally everyone who enjoys creating and arranging sounds and styles in all genres. From Orchestral to Dance, the whole range of contemporary music is offered in various categories.

With the Genos concept, YAMAHA hopes to inspire huge numbers of musicians who will be able to realise their own enthusiasm for music at the highest level with the new digital workstation keyboard, whether it is in a studio, on stage or at home.

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