Soren Andersen



Soren Andersen is a Danish guitarist, producer and songwriter, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides his solo project Electric Guitars, Soren works as a touring guitarist for Glenn Hughes and Mike Tramp. He does most of his productions in the Medley Studios, which he co-owns. He has worked with artists such as Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Marco Mendoza, Artillery, Dave Mustaine etc. Soren says about playing live: ”I consider every gig the last in my life! Never play like you don’t really mean it – you never know who’s in the audience! Also, I simply try to enjoy everything that music gives back to me, it is an essential anchor point in my life and it always will be…!”


Inspired by the 1974 Yamaha ‘Super Flighter’ guitar, the RS620 takes its design cues from a cult classic, combining them in perfect balance with the individual styling and custom-built vibe of the Revstar concept.Its roots definitely run deep, but this isn’t your dad’s guitar.

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Amplificatoarele convenționale sunt extraordinare pe scenă, dar ce se întâmplă atunci când doriți să interpretați în altă parte? THR este creat pentru a se potrivi unde, când și cum interpretați, atunci când nu vă aflați pe scenă. Acest amplificator a fost creat de cei care caută cel mai bun ton, iar tehnologia Yamaha Virtual Circuitry Modeling oferă sunete amplificate care răspund exact ca un amp real, efecte incredibil de realiste și redare la calitate hi-fi stereo - totul la volum redus. Pregătiți-vă să petreceți mai mult timp interpretând la chitară...