Frank Wellert

With a network of Artist Centres and Ateliers around the world, Yamaha works with leading players to support their performances and develop instrument designs and new ideas for the benefit of all musicians. Yamaha Artists share with us a passion for inspiring the next generation of players, and a belief that everybody should be encouraged to nurture their talent, connect with others and tell their stories through music.

Get to know trumpet player and Yamaha Artist Frank Wellert

Statement about your relation with Yamaha or your instrument: 

I know Yamaha from the time when Eddie Veit from the Yamaha Atelier visited me in Frankfurt some years ago. Since then, we have already tested many instruments and I can say that I really like my Trumpet and Flugelhorn!

How does your instrument helps you in your daily life as an artist?

The best features are – the tuning is great, notes slot in well, separates well and you can still create your own sound.

How would you characterise your instrument?

It is a perfectly balanced lead trumpet.

Who was your most influential teacher and is there any advice which you still follow?

Yes indeed, Claus Stötter (NDR Big Band and Yamaha Artist): 
"If it doesn't sound good, nobody wants to hear it, and if it's not in time, nobody wants to hear it either".

What would be your advice for a young musician?

Have a listen to the old records too.

About Frank Wellert

Frank Wellert is the 1st trumpet player of the HR Big Band.

He plays YTR-8345R.